Titan Aviation & Aerospace India Ltd (TAAIL) was incorporated in the year 2011 with an objective to promote Aviation, Aerospace & Defence Hub.



Phase wise summary

Titan Aviation is a new generation company in the field of Aviation and has several new concepts coming up with both fixed and rotary wing and other related services to Aviation industry. Titan Aviation’s proposed Green Field Airstrip is coming up in Territory of India in a land spread over 6,000 acres and with an investment of US$ 5 Billion and above.


simulators & Charter Services

Titan intends to build a residential training facility which imparts training through simulators for both fixed and rotary wing besides courses on Navigation, Meteorology & Aerodynamics.

Besides Air Charter Service & new concepts like Air Ambulance, Flying Hospital, Aerial Survey, Firefighting, Heli Tourism, Heli Hoping and Patrolling services are made available from rotary wing machines will be introduced shortly.


Design Bureau, Aerospace Lab, Component & Engine Manufacturing Facility

Aerospace standards precision component & engine manufacturing facility from Electron Beam Welding Machine (EBW) integrated with 3D printing technologies which would cater to ISRO, DRDO and Global markets.


MRO for Rotary and fixed wing machines (C & D Check) sub assembly, assembly & manfacturing of aircrafts and helicopters.

Organizing Antonov series of assembly line, Production line and Technical Maintenance facilities in India. In addition to this similar kind of facility for MSB Helicopters.


Titan Aviation in collaboration with several Ukrainian companies is promoting Aviation Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in an area of 6,000 acres in Territory of India with Aviation and Aerospace being a Concept and Business Plan.

Titan intends to build residential flying school which includes training for both Fixed & Rotary wing machines besides this, Titan is to launch 37 courses on Aerospace subjects to be introduced from National Aviation University of Ukraine.

In addition to this Titan will be creating center of excellence for virtual training on simulators for Airbus, Antonov, Boeing and MI-17 Helicopters.

With respect to charter services Titan is all set to import MI-17 & Ka 62 Helicopters for offshore flying for ONGC and other oil exploration companies.

Titan will also be creating a Heli Ports connecting to all major cities and towns in Territory of India.

Finally Titan also has plans to launch a reginal airline connecting 3 states in South India and 1 International Destination.


Aerospace is a broad spectrum which has multi displinary activities comprising of different segments of Industry, India has been importing more than US$ 10 Billion worth of aerospace components every year despite the offset policy. Indian market includes military aircrafts, helicopter , space crafts, winds turbines and automotive industries.

Titan in collaboration with E.O PATTON Institute Ukraine is setting a aerospace laboratory for manufacturing of components for aircrafts, missiles, space ships. Scope of collaboration includes Welding Technologies, Electron & Laser Beam Welding Machines.

Titan will be implementing different machines in a phased manner to cater ISRO & DRO in India. Besides Indian markets Titan is also having supply contract from Europe, Singapore & US markets.


The electron beam (eb) welding process is used in a variety of industries. Applications range from fully automated, high productivity and low cost automotive in-line part production to single part batch processes in the high-cost aircraft engine industry at the other end of the industrial spectrum. For those manufacturers and many others not specifically mentioned here, welding processes have to meet the increasingly stringent standards that have become more prevalent over the years. In this regard, the ebwelding process is well-positioned to provide industries with the highest quality welds and machine designs that have proven to be adaptable to specific welding tasks and production environments.

What is an Electron Beam?

In an electron beam welder, electrons are “boiled off” as current passes through a filament which is in a vacuum enclosure. An electrostatic field, generated by a negatively charged filament and bias cup and a positively charged anode, accelerates the electrons to about 50% to 80% of the speed of light and shapes them into a beam. Due to the physical nature of the electrons – charged particles with an extremely low mass – their direction of travel can be easily influenced by electromagnetic fields. Electron beam welders use this characteristic to electromagnetically focus and very precisely deflect the beam at speeds up to 10 kHz. Recent machine developments make it possible even to go up to 200 kHz. With today’s CNC controls, the beam focus as well as the beam deflection are part of the weld schedule and can be variably programmed along with other process parameters.

How does the Process Work

When fast moving electrons hit a metal surface they are decelerated which transforms the kinetic energy of each individual electron in the beam into thermal energy in the component. This transformation is stable in the high 90% range for all metals regardless of whether the electrons hit the surface at a perpendicular or a shallow angle. As a practical matter, this physical behavior makes the process very robust and reliable! When electrons in a focused beam hit a metal surface, the high energy density instantly vaporizes the material, generating a so-called key hole (Figure 1). A characteristic of this Figure 1: Key-Hole Phenomenon is that it allows the unique capability for deep, narrow welds with very small heat affected zones (HAZ) and minimized thermal distortions of welded assemblies (Figure 2). Depth-to-width ratios of up to 40:1 have been achieved in production for many years


Titan Defence with all the experience as an approved Defence Vendor, for supply of Advanced, Ballistic, Composite & Strategic materials used to manufacture Body Armor Jackets & Bomb Blankets with Ukrainian collaboration. Titan has access to supply source of Kevlar which is used in producing the soft panels of the jackets.

Titan Defence is all set to assemble and later manufacture battle tanks in Territory of India in collaboration with German & Ukrainian companies to strengthen Tank Regiment of Indian Army.

Titan Defence will also be producing Titanium Air Balloons, Dooms, Spheres and Seeker Heads for Missiles by partnering with Yuzhmash Missile & Space Plant.

Finally Titan Defence will also be producing Drones for Home Land Security and will be implementing C-3 & I with all Army and Airforce missile based units.


Titan Aviation a new generation company is proposing to set up a State of Art Aviation Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in a Land to an extent of 6,000 acres in Territory of India. The land is a plain terrine.

This land will be equi distributed for three major activities. We have categorized the land in following zones in order of our priority such as Classified, Domestic and Restricted areas.

One portion of land will be known as restricted area to construct Air Port which will comprise of Air Traffic Control (ATC), Hangers, Runway (6 Kms x 2), 2 taxiways connecting to the Apron, Helipads, and Parking space for Flying Machines, Simulator Complex, and MRO Complex for Fixed and Rotary Wing, Fuel Bunkers, Fire Station and Check Posts right round the boundaries of restricted area. This is inclusive of a central control room with CCTV’s to monitor the moments in the restricted area.

Other portion of Land will be known as classified area to be utilized for construction of workstations for Operations, Maintenance and Security Heads. Besides this, it will also comprise of CMD’s Office with conference room, Office space for Directors, Vice-President’s, General Managers, International Coordinators, Head of Administration, Accounts, Finance, Legal, Public Relations and Human Resources. A walk through passage between classified areas to restricted area only for staff on duty. Lastly a Check Post at all entry and exit points leading to Restricted and Classified Areas with a provision for CCTV’s for security reasons. A vertical parking complex in Classified & Domestic Areas to accommodate at least 4,000 cars and bikes.

The academy will be well equipped with an Auditorium, Library, Aviation Museum, and Convention Center for Aviation & Defence Expos to facilitate students and the crew for presentations and lectures. An exclusive media room to hold meetings & conference with print and electronic media.

Lastly the remaining portion of land will be known as domestic area to be used for construction of complete township for Staff, Crew, Faculty and Students. The town ship will have an in house Hospital & Operation Theatre for any casualties in case of emergency. Stadium, Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Tennis Coat, Clubhouse with Open Air Theatre for recreation. A meditation center for worship of all religions (Temple, Church, Mosque and Gurudwara).

Provision for Post Office Banks ATMs and food joints like KFC, Pizza Hut, etc., Shopping Complex and service facilities like Laundry, Saloon, and Tailor etc. will be made available.

Entire land will be done with boundary wall and a barbed wire on the top to prevent any kind wild life barging into the Classified, Domestic or Restricted areas.


Aircraft Manufacturing

Component Manufacturing

Engine Manufacturing

Heli Manufacturing

Heli Simulators

Heli Manufacturing

Space - Missile Plant

Welding Institute

Ministry of Defence








TAAIL team visit to Helicopter Modification plant in Ukraine.

TAAIL delegation with FED Plant Ukraine.

TAAIL CMD visit to Antonov plant in Kharkhiy city, Ukraine.


Has signed Memorandum of Understanding for Antonov series of Assembly line, Production line and Technical maintenance centers in India. TAAIL in collaboration with Motor Sich will be manufacturing Helicopters and engines for flying machines.




Important Notice

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